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Multi-Channel Remote (MCR)

Multi-Channel Remote transmitter

REAL TIME remote monitoring for treatment professionals.

Ideal for locations not staffed 24/7.

The new InsiteIG MCR remote monitoring system allows the user to monitor up to 20 process parameters remotely via a computer or mobile device. The MCR comes with cloud connectivity for three years with no monthly fees. There is server redundancy with better than 99.9% server uptime and full encryption using standard SSL protocols. The LPWA (low power, wide area) module will connect to the cloud over any available 4G/LTE network.

Web Browser View
Web Browser View

View a LIVE DEMO of our cloud service featuring a Simulated SBR demonstrating our MCA, MCR, and MCX capabilities. Click the above link or download one of our mobile apps below.

Log in with Email Address:
and Password: insitedemo

Mobile View
Mobile View

Initial configuration is accomplished by using a mobile device in conjunction with the onboard, isolated WIFI connection integral to the MCR. The user interface is easy to use and setup is simple. Trend graphing for up to 30 days’ worth of data points is available. High and low setpoints can be programmed so that operators are notified via text or email in the event of a process disruption. In the event that the MCR loses power it can send a notification alerting the operator that the unit is offline.

There are four isolated 4-20 analog inputs that can accept third party devices such as level, pressure, and flow meters. The MCR can power the 4-20 loop or the MCR can be configured so that the third party device is powering the loop.

There are seven dry contact inputs that can be used for alarms, status, run times, and other on/off type events.

When used in conjunction with the InsiteIG Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) operators can check on dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, pH, and ORP (REDOX) levels. Up to eight sensors can be monitored in any combination. It is also possible to monitor the process temperature when utilizing a dissolved oxygen or pH sensor. The MCR connects to the InsiteIG MCA via a digital modbus signal so only one three conductor signal wire is required to connect the two units. The MCR will automatically configure the cloud with the sensors connected to the analyzer

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See our sensor selection below to match a sensor with your needs.

Continuous Sensors:

Multi-Channel Remote (MCR) Multi-Channel Remote (MCR)
  • Intuitive and simple user interface
  • Mobile app and web browser access
  • 3 years cloud connectivity included
  • Data logging and graphing
  • Programmable hi and low setpoints
  • Text and email notifications
  • Power failure notification
  • Automatic cloud configuration with MCA (8 Sensor Inputs)
  • Temp. range: -20°C to 70°C
  • Enclosure NEMA 4X
  • Optically isolated RS-485 Modbus
  • Input power 100/250VAC
  • Up to 8 sensor inputs when paired with an MCA
  • 7 Dry contact digital inputs
  • 1 Power failure input
  • 4 Isolated 4-20mA analog inputs
Analyzer Mounting Kit

Analyzer Mounting Kit

See our Setup Videos to find out more about Analyzer Mounting.
The MCA, MCX, and MCR are mounted with the same hardware as the SCA and DCA.