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Electrode Replacement Video

pH Sensor

Continuous Wireless System

20 Series Wireless

The Insite Instrumentation Group Model 28 (M-28) uses the Insite Model 51 pH (M-51) electrode. The Model 28 holder allows the user to mount pH sensors throughout the plant without having to deal with running conduit between the sensors and analyzer. This provides significant savings on installation costs while also allowing maximum flexibility in sensor placement. The electrode preamp, signal conditioner, and temperature compensation circuits are all built into the holder, making electrode replacement easy and inexpensive. No other pH system can compare with the features and benefits of this design.

Sensor Transmitter | ST 2

The M-28 sensor connects to a Sensor Transmitter (ST 2) junction box. The ST 2 then communicates with the Process Transmitter (PT 2) via a ZigBee compliant Rf module. There is an embedded antenna which provides an outdoor line of sight range up to one mile. When several ST 2 / Sensor pairs are installed they form a self-healing mesh network that increases reliability.

Model 28 pH Holder (M-28)

M-28 pH/ORP Holder

The M-28 Holder includes all of the electronics to communicate with our continuous analyzers and interface with the cartridge. The internal electronics feature a high quality isolated preamplifier with integrated A/D conversion to maximize noise immunity and extend useful cartridge life. The M-28 Holder utilizes our standard mount, featuring a PVC 1-½" NPT male mounting thread. The Holder comes standard with tool free 1/4" O.D. tubing connectors for the integrated jet clean, and 33ft (10m) of sensor communications cable. Additional cable length is available upon request.

Model 51 pH Electrode

pH Element and Holder

The M-51 is a cartridge type electrode making replacement simple and easy. The cartridge is sealed into the holder with a reliable double o-ring seal. All replacement electrodes ship complete with o-rings. The threaded TNC connector at the top of the electrode body ensures a reliable electrical connection to the holder.

Flat Surface of pH Element

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In the center of the measuring surface is the pH sensitive flat glass. This surface is surrounded by the flat porous reference junction. The large area of this porous junction has thousands of pores allowing for excellent sample contact. The electrode is enclosed by the electrode body. Built into the electrode body is a sealed, gel filled double junction reference half cell. This design adds an extra barrier against contaminants. This also allows the electrode to be used in applications where sulfides, heavy metal ions, and similar materials are present.

See our transmitter selection below to match a transmitter with your needs.

Continuous Wireless Transmitters:

M-28 pH/ORP Probe Model 28 Holder with
Model 51 pH Electrode
  • Measuring Range: 2 to 12 pH
  • Temp. Range: 10°C to 60°C
  • 1-½" MNPT mounting thread
  • 33ft (10m) sensor cable
  • ¼" O.D. tube connection for jet cleaning
Jet Clean Supply Pressures
  • Water 35 to 50 psig
  • Air 40 to 60 psig
Standard Sensor Mounting

Standard Sensor Mounting