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Optical Dissolved Oxygen

InsiteIG offers a wide variety of Optical Dissolved Oxygen monitoring systems. Everything from portable meters to multi-sensor controllers.

With over 20 years experience manufacturing Optical DO sensors, InsiteIG has a proven track record of supplying reliable, cost effective instrumentation to the water and wastewater industry. We are a leader in aeration basin monitoring and control.

- 5 year DO sensor warranty.
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Dissolved Oxygen TEST Bulletin The meter was compared against a calibrated portable. See the test results in Dissolved Oxygen Test.pdf  (29KB)

What to know about Optical DO

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See our analyzer selection below to match an analyzer with your needs.

Continuous Analyzers:

Model 10 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Model 10 DO Sensor
Single Channel Analyzer (SCA) Single Channel Analyzer

Dual Channel and Multi-Channel Analyzers are also available.

InsiteIG Portable Meter InsiteIG Portable Meter for DO, SS, pH, and ORP