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The NEW Multi-Channel lineup is ready.

MCA (Multi-Channel Analyzer) for monitoring any combination of up to 8 DO, SS, ORP (Redox), and pH sensors.

MCR (Multi-Channel Remote) enabling 4G/LTE connectivity for cloud based monitoring of up to 20 process parameters.

MCX (Multi-Channel eXpansion) to be combined with a MCA to provide additional analog and digital outputs.

Environmental Engineering Science published a paper investigating the interference of Nitric Oxide with Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors.
Click here for the PDF.

Class 1, Division 2
Dissolved Oxygen and Suspended Solids sensors suitable for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous areas.

Oxygen Solubility Table

No Risk Guarantee

Check out our LIVE CLOUD Demo showcasing Remote Monitoring of a Simulated SBR with our NEW Multi-Channel lineup.

Click the AUTO Login button or MANUAL Login with the below credentials:
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From the my account page select either the "View List" under MCR to see the real time status of all measured parameters, or the "Datapoints" button to select parameters to graph. Toggling the desired parameter above the graph selects and deselects.