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Field Test Data

Dissolved Oxygen TEST BulletinApplication Bulletin (DO TEST)
During  the months of August and September a Model 1000 DO meter (SCA with Model 10 sensor) was installed in a WWTP in the southeastern US.  The meter was compared against a calibrated YSI portable.  See the test results in Dissolved Oxygen Test.pdf  (29KB)

SS vs GRAB BulletinApplication Bulletin (SS vs GRAB SAMPLE)
During  the month of August a Model 1500 SS meter (SCA with Model 15 sensor) was installed in a WWTP in Virginia for evaluation.  The meter was compared against grab samples analyzed in the lab.  See the test results in SS vs GRAB SAMPLE.PDF.  (19KB)

DO SS BulletinApplication Bulletin (DO/SS TREND)
A Model 2000 Process Analyzer (DCA), with both DO and SS sensors, was installed in a standard aeration basin  of a WWTP in South Louisiana.   The results of  the test show that a significant cost saving could be realized with better blower control.  See the test results in DO SS TREND.PDF.  (35KB)

InsiteIG has completed a successful test of our optical dissolved oxygen system in an anaerobic selector. The site was located in the Charlotte, NC area. Typical DO levels were between .03 and .08. The system did not require calibration or maintenance during the test.